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Q. What is the Difference between Screen Printing and Digital Printing

Customers commonly ask, “Which is better, screen printing or digital printing”? This is not necessarily an easy question to answer, because there are so many factors that go into choosing the proper printing process for each design or order. Since both processes yield great results, determining your current needs is the best way to choose.

Screen printing has been around for decades and is the most commonly known printing process. Screen printing has several steps, starting with making your design a stencil and placing it on a screen, similar to a screen door but with much finer mesh. The printers then place ink on top of the screen and push it through onto the shirt. If your design has multiple colors, a new screen must be made for each color. Once all of the components of your design are printed the shirts are dried with high heat to ensure that the ink bonds to the fabric.

Digital printing is a newer, more “high tech” process that uses the help of a computer to send your image straight to the printing machine. The digital printing machine applies the ink directly to the garment, similar to how a computer printer prints on paper. The digital printer can print all of the colors in your design at once and can achieve a high level of detail very easily.

To learn more about decoration techniques, click here. Or check out our digital and screen printing process videos at the bottom of this page.

Q. Is there a minimum order?

Digital Printing has no minimum order. There is a 12-piece minimum for screen printing and embroidery orders.

Q. Can I order different products for the same design?

Of course! Please send us an email to sales@antonsport.com with the styles, colors, sizes and quantities of the products you are interested in and we would be happy to create a custom quote based on their total and their design.

Please note: Some items cannot be combined, like shirts and hats, or pants, or totes, because we print those items differently.

Q. Can you help me with my design?

Absolutely! Our design specialists are trained to help you make your ideas a reality.

Q. I already have a design; can I email it to you directly?

Yes. Please send us your .jpg, .png, .psd, .ai or .pdf files to sales@antonsport.com.

Q. Can I pay with a check or P.O.?

Yes! You will be able to choose to pay by check or purchase order and we currently only accept purchase orders from Schools and Universities. If you are a corporation, please contact us to set up credit terms. Please note: No orders will be processed until a purchase order is approved or a check is received.

Q. Can I supply my own items for decoration?

Yes, for details on providing your own items for decoration, please view our Customer Supplied Goods page.

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