At Anton Sport, we primarily decorate on garments supplied by the various vendors we work with. We have access to thousands of options and our expert team members are happy to help you find appropriate options based on your needs, budget, branding guidelines, etc.  

Customer-supplied items may be agreed upon on a case-by-case basis and we feel it is important for our customers to understand the why behind this decision-making and the challenges we face with unfamiliar products and materials.  

Why we recommend our products 

 The products we offer are tried and true. We have longstanding relationships with our vendors and decades of experience printing on the various blends, products, and materials we have access to. When in doubt, we can reach out to our reps for information about decorating a particular product to ensure optimal results.  

Additionally, if an error occurs, we have options. With certain issues, we can salvage the product and confidently fix the issue using our internal resources without worrying about causing additional damage to the item. If any replacements are needed, we can typically receive new items the next business day, proceed with production, and complete the order as expected by the customer. These options keep our production schedule running smoothly and allow us to complete orders on time. 

Why we advise against customer-supplied items 

 Simply put, the risk of the unknown. Most retail products are not manufactured with the intention of additional embellishment. The following list explains the challenges we face with unfamiliar products. 

  •  Buttons, zippers, and hems that might get in the way of decoration  
  • Dyes in the fabric that could migrate and discolor our inks  
  • Fabric shrinkage during our curing process 
  • If something has a waterproof coating, our ink might slip or peel off 
  • Double-mesh material prevents us from securing the fabric in place 
  • Art and production delays due to us needing to measure the items for design sizing 
  • The fabric being burned or scorched during the printing process  
  • The material being torn or snagged on our production equipment  
  • General misprints or issues that cannot be solved internally with customer supplied items  
  • Not knowing if certain sprays, adhesives, and other internal products could damage the material.  

Customer-supplied items that are on the safe side 

 We recognize that some customers may choose to supply their own items. We must review the product, material, and design details before agreeing to any customer-supplied items. Certain products are simply not intended for custom decorating, and we will use our expertise to provide helpful feedback in these scenarios.  

In addition, it is beneficial to identify which garments pose a minimal risk of complications. Below is a list of these materials and products. 

  •  100% cotton fabric – this is a safe material for all embellishment methods.  
  • Fabric blends that are primarily cotton – minimal risk of ink colors changing due to dye migration.  
  • Basic short and long-sleeve t-shirts – we print thousands of these a day and know the handling requirements like the back of our hands.  
  • Non-polyester polos – a safe and familiar option for embroidery with a low risk of snagging on our equipment.  

 What you are agreeing to 

 By signing the CSG waiver, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the possibility of a mishap or the unexpected. Anton Sport is not responsible for replacing or reimbursing any damaged items or undesirable print outcome results on customer supplied items. Whether we are using screen print, digital print (DTG), direct to film (DTF), heat transfers, or embroidery, all embellishment methods have their challenges and the risk of an error increases when decorating on unfamiliar products. 

 You also agree to count your items and provide Anton Sport with a list of what will be provided. We are not responsible for any discrepancies, including quantities, sizes, colors, or material differentiations. We recommend carefully counting and reviewing what you ordered to the packing slip for accuracy beforehand.  

 The CSG waiver must be signed before an order is accepted.