We're Green

Green isn’t just a word or a color at Anton Sport. We have been practising Eco-friendly solutions for years…before it was the cool thing to do, before it became a trend and before it turned into the movement it is today. We are committed to making a positive impact for a greener future. At Anton Sport, being “green” or “Eco-friendly” are about choices. Small choices that over time become lifelong habits. Take a look at some of the choices we’ve made here at Anton Sport.

Environmental Policy

Anton Sport is fully aware of the importance of keeping our operations environmentally sound. Given our position as one of the leading t-shirt printing companies, it is our belief that we have a corporate responsibility to be environmentally conscious and practice sound environmental management. It is our goal to be a leader in responsible environmental practices which is why we adhere to the following environmental principals:

  • All of our facilities and equipment operate in an environmentally safe manner
  • We offer a large collection of sustainable garments that are made organically or from recycled materials
  • Our production materials are governed by environmental standards
  • We do our best to order locally or regionally to reduce fuel consumption
  • We make efforts to cut down on waste produced and attempt to recycle as much as we possibly can
  • We constantly monitor our environmental practices to lead to a cleaner environment.
  • Educating our employees about their employees responsibilities

We recognize that all individuals on our team working as one to be more environmentally conscious is the best way to improve our environmental standards. We also associated ourselves with environmentally conscious suppliers that do their best to adhere to certain environmental standards.

It is our belief that an environmentally conscious company equals a good company. Our first goal is to service our customers, but we make every effort to service our customers while being environmentally conscious.

At Anton Sport we are going to give you great customer support as well as being “green”. Our environmental standards are important to us. We want to do our part to help make Earth a better place to live while giving you the products you need at the low price you deserve.

Anton Sport & DesignAShirt

Anton Sport & DesignAShirt are committed to practising principles of sustainability and environmentalism to the best of our abilities on a daily basis. We believe every choice that is environmentally conscious is worthwhile no matter how small. Through our combined efforts we hope to leave the world a better place, with a lasting legacy for generations to come.

  • Turning off lights, computers, and electronic devices when they are not in use.
  • Using only one paper towel to dry hands after washing them.
  • Recycling cans, bottles, and other appropriate materials in the designated receptacles.
  • Using washable cups, silverware, and dishes for lunch, snacks, coffee etc.
  • We make efforts to cut down on waste produced and attempt to recycle as much as we possibly can
  • Setting the thermostat to heat a maximum of 70 degrees or cool to 80.
  • Closing windows and doors to keep in air-conditioning and heat.
  • Riding a bike, carpooling, and using public transportation when available

Specific to Printing:

  • Using test print shirts to their maximum capability.
  • Then using these shirts as rags to clean up inks and other messes.
  • Re-purposing the maximum amount of ink from each screen after completion.
  • Turning flashes, fans, and machinery on standby, or when able, completely off when not in use.
  • Reclaiming screens in groups to save on water consumption.
  • Remaining vigilant at all times to ensure all ink waste, and non-recyclable chemicals are disposed of properly.

For Sales:

  • Ensure that customers are aware of our sustainable eco line of shirts
  • Additionally telling customers that we have water-based in is available.
  • Print only necessary documents, and utilize electronic copies as often as possible.
  • Order items from local vendors, and combine orders when possible to reduce number of packages and shipments.

We know it is possible to be a successful company as well as being Earth conscious. When everyone puts in an effort we can safely limit our impact on the consumption of resources.

Purchasing Policy

When possible, Anton Sport & DesignAShirt chooses sustainable products when purchasing for our office or production supplies.

Wherever possible, purchasing decisions shall favor:

  • Products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions or are made with renewable energy
  • When purchasing appliances and other electronics, choosing items that are EnergyStar certified
  • Products that reduce the use of toxins hazardous to the environment and employee and public health
  • Products that contain the highest possible percentage of recycled materials
  • Products that reduce air and water pollution
  • Products that reduce waste
  • Reusable products
  • Products that serve several functions (e.g., copier/printers, multi-purpose cleaners) and reduce the overall number of products purchased
  • Products which require the least amount of travel to our destination
  • Products which can be acquired together from one supplier versus multiple suppliers and multiple shipments
  • For employee lunch days, choosing foods that are healthy, organic, or local when possible

When choosing products of sustainability, the maximum allotted purchasing limit is increased by 10%, to encourage competitive pricing toward sustainable products.