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We like to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing outstanding service along with excellent quality products.
To do this, we’re always looking for creative and positive people who would like to become a part of the Anton Sport.
If you possess initiative, enjoy working within a team environment and like to learn while having a great time,
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John Anton, President

    Anton Sport was started with an idea, a tiny dorm room and a maxed out credit card. John Anton was a student at Arizona State University 25 years ago and decided to print 200 t-shirts for an upcoming ASU vs. USC football game. Within 2-hours, John’s t-shirts quickly sold out. Over the next few years, John became a permanent fixture at college events and became known as the campus t-shirt guy.
    After graduating from ASU, John ventured into the corporate world before returning to his t-shirt business. John’s renewed belief in his business prompted him to purchase his own screen-printing equipment and set up shop in his garage.     Forced from his garage by HOA and unable to sell his house due to the housing market values, John took a huge gamble, rented out his house, sold his car and used his life savings to buy a 3,000 sq. ft. warehouse on Scottsdale Road in Tempe, AZ. John, his business and his bed promptly moved in to the warehouse, just blocks away from the campus where it all started and Anton Sport was officially born.
    In 1991, John got his big break with an order to produce the official shirts of the PGA’s Phoenix Open. That order changed his life and his custom t-shirt & apparel business was off to a roaring start once again...




accounting, controller for Anton Sport


The most popular department by far Christine makes sure the lights stay on and paychecks keep coming. I’m sure you can see why she’s so popular with our employees. Since her time with us from 2008 and after 25+ years of marriage, she is a veteran at keeping businesses and households running smoothly.

Art and Design

Art Director

Art Director


If you’re looking for someone who really knows their CMYKs and RGBs look no further. Coming to us from the big state of Texas, Aaron moved to Arizona just for our customers. Aaron has been designing since he was 10-years old. I told you he knew his stuff, which is why he’s been our Art Director since 2005.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Sales Rep

Amber Deakin

With her extensive knowledge of the printing industry, Amber is your go-to guru for all things Anton Sport. Since she began in 2013, she has been hard at work building strong customer partnerships and providing creative and exceptional solutions for clients. When she's not busy using her skills as a cook, this Nutritional Sciences major enjoys gardening and quilt making.

Customer Service/Sales Rep

Front Desk/Sales Rep

Ann Swientoniowski

This talented customer service rep has a knack for finding exactly what you want and delivering. She knows the industry inside and out allowing her to take extra care her customers get what they're looking for. In her free time, this native Michiganian enjoys to read, travel, and cook.

Administrative Assistant/ Sales

Front Desk/Sales Rep

Ryann Diaz

Coming to us all the way from New York, Ryann is the expert that keeps things organized and on track. Her school background in retail management makes her the perfect fit here at Anton Sport. Being quite active, if she's not out hiking she enjoys spending time with her daughter and husband and taking day trips to Sedona.

Accounts Payable Manager/Purchasing

Sales Rep

Breana Ruiz

Creative, capable, and talented Breana is our math whiz who keeps things running smoothly. Her gift for photography means she even runs our Instagram page too! In her free time she enjoys reading comics, traveling, and going to the movies.


Director of Operations

Director of Operations


Sarah has been a team member with Anton Sport and DesignAShirt since 2002. She’s helped taken both companies to new levels with each passing year because our Director of Operations is not afraid of getting her hands dirty. Sarah does what it takes to get the job done. We think her title should be “Director of Happiness” because she is always there to make our employees and our customers happy.


Production Manager


Matt S.

Coach of his sons’ soccer teams, Matt is no stranger to managing a group to accomplish the same goal, making him perfect for the Production Manager position. Matt has been the Production Manager here at Anton Sport since 2000 and counting so if anyone knows how to produce your design, it’s Matt.

Production Team

Production Team Our production team is the proverbial wind beneath our wings. They put the T in t-shirt. With Matt at their helm, they are the men and women responsible for bringing your custom creations to life.

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