Screen Printing

What is Screen Printing?

A Brief Overview...

Although we’ve been screen printing for decades, we are continually perfecting our processes and learning new ones. Our onsite printing facility has the capability to produce 150,000+ imprints per shift. No job is too big or too small for us. Our minimum screen printing order is just 6 garments.

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Spot Color Screen Printing is the industry standard, printing is done by using individual colors or spot colors to produce designs.

4-Color Process Printing Is the process of blending Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) to create and print any color.

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Check out the Inks we use:

We offer a wide variety of inks to create the perfect effect for all your apparel designs. Check out the different kinds of inks we use below.

  • The most commonly used ink in screen printing, plastisol inks are comprised of PVC and plasticizer. Plastisol ink contains no air-polluting solvents and do not cause injury, illness or environmental contamination with proper environmental protection procedures.
  • The more environmentally friendly of the two, water-based inks are able to produce prints that are softer to the touch. The ink penetrates into the garment’s fibers giving it a softer feel however, the colors aren’t as opaque as plastisol.

Special Effect Inks

  • The process of printing a chemical which removes the color of the t-shirt or garment, returning it to its natural color which can be replaced with ink color if desired. Discharge inks are water-based but not all garments can be discharged.
  • Glitter flakes are added to the ink and can be used as accents in a design or as the entire print. Glitter ink will retain its shiny appearance but may flake off over time.
  • Also an additive, puff ink can be added to any design to achieve a 3D effect. Puff ink is an additive and can be used as accents in a design or as the entire print.
  • Crystalina is printed directly over other ink colors to produce a pearlescent effect.
  • Shimmer ink has a subtle, metallic appearance.
  • Bright, neon colored inks.
Colorful Inks

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